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PostSubject: MAKING AN INTERNATIONAL CALL TO JALINGO   Fri Aug 24, 2012 9:11 pm

Laughing Follow the instructions below to make international phone calls to Jalingo in Nigeria:
To call anyone in Jalingo, Nigeria, first you must dial your country’s local "Exit Code" or "International Direct Dial Code" (IDD).
    - Exit code for the US, Canada and Caribbean countries is 011;     - Exit code for the UK and other european countries is 00;     - Exit code for Australia is 0011;     - Exit code for Tanzania and Uganda is 000; and     - Exit code for Russia and former Soviet republics in Asia is 8 Pause 10*

Dial the IDD followed by the country code for Nigeria. For Nigeria, the country access code number is 234.

Dial the city area code for Jalingo which is 79.

Complete your call by dialing the local telephone number of the person or company in Jalingo that you are trying to reach. If the first digit is "0" on the telephone number, omit this "0".

If you are calling a telephone number while your are in Jalingo do not dial the exit code or the dialing code for Nigeria and dial the your telephone number and not forgetting the "0" at the front of the number.

Once you know how to make an international call to Jalingo, it is vital to know how to save money on the international phone calls. Calling international phone numbers in Jalingo can be very expensive, especially if you do not use the right telephone carrier. There are, however, several tools and ways to find the best and cheap international call rates for Jalingo: International calling cards provide one of the cheapest rates to call Jalingo in Nigeria; VOIP uses the internet to make telephone calls to Jalingo. There are several VOIP providers who offer the best phone call rates to Jalingo; and Skype is the popular internet based telephony system to calls to Jalingo at very cheap rate or even free. Very Happy [i]
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